Bless my Cotton Socks

Pattern for lacy socks available on Ravelry: Jane Renton

This morning, after the frost melted, it was time to get out of my slippers and into my garden…

I’ve knitted myself some socks, not pairs mind you – I get bored repeating things. So I have 3 socks all knitted in the same brand cotton sock yarn. I have choices and must to decide which to wear….. (while my dog waits patiently!)

Besides quilting and knitting, but I am also a landscape designer (don’t look at my garden to judge my skills! (I’m sure you know the story of the barber’s son!)) I enjoy gardening and after far too many weeks indoors, I decided it was time to get into my garden and give it some care. Now, I have a rather large garden and during this period, even though the farm has continued, we sadly have had to let some of our staff go. Among those no longer with us are my garden staff! So you can imagine the amount of work to be done – EISH!

My Garden Prep:

Fruit trees wrapped against the frost, mulched and a rock placed to keep roots warm! (My husband did that – luckily, he’s a landscaper too!)

So besides doing a whole lot of cutting back and preparing beds for redoing in spring, I have also been taking care of my earthworms.

When I do things, I don’t do them in half measures. I have a bath of earthworms! And it’s full. So, I’ve tipped them all out and separated them from the castings by feeding them Avos (they LOVE avos!) They sort of cling and burrow into their favourite food source in a most loving way, and it’s easy to get at them to set them on one side.

I will then use the castings mixed with soil and compost and rebag trees that will be planted out in spring. Then to start fresh with my worms, feeding and watering them and using the drained water as a foliar feed for my cuttings which I want to have ready for spring.

My earthworm farm – in an old bath on stilts.

My earthworms enjoying their avos!

I have lots of plans to keep me busy over the next 3 months.
And in between I will quilt and knit.

I am quilting too, I have a New York Beauty on my long arm which is calling to be completed. All in good time….

Stay Safe!

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