I am a Quilter and a Knitter Too!

Just in case you haven’t figured it out by now, let me state for the record that not only am I a quilter, but I am a knitter too. I am passionate about fabrics and yarns. The creative potential of what can be done with these items is phenomenal. I am sure there are many who would agree with me that fabric and yarn should be regarded as essential items! Being creative is an important aspect of me and I am sure of you too.

Rush on Level 3 of this lockdown! Though I am the first to admit that I have enough fabrics and yarn to last me MANY months of lockdown, I also have more unfinished projects than I care to mention! But there is always that one project…

So considering the fabric and yarn in my stash and a pattern idea that I’ve had I have designed THAT project – a denim and cable knit handbag. This is a redesigning of a handbag I made many years ago, with a few tweaks and changes. The patterns and instructions are here:

The bag combines 2 skills and 2 different techniques to create something that is both stylish and practical.

All you need to do is knit a section in cable knit stitch, quilt a piece of denim, put the 2 together and “Hey presto” you have a unique handbag with pockets and enough space to carry your essential items as well as your latest handwork project!

So that nothing goes to waste I have also attached a link for a cotton hand-knit facecloth or dishcloth using the leftover yarn.

As a side note: There is also a recipe for Chocolate Biscotti to bake and enjoy with a cup of coffee (or tea) while you knit up the projects

Cotton hand-knit facecloth or dishcloth

A Family Favourite!

I have supplied the patterns for both the cable knitting section as well as the denim handbag, and there are videos to go with the instructions to help you along.
(For those that are not able to, or don’t like sewing, the knitted cable stitch pattern also fits in with the KnitPro Sew-on Handbag Kit in faux leather. These are available from Wool ‘n Weave, Hillcrest: info@woolnweave.co.za/031 765 2770)

In the meantime – stay safe, stay healthy and keep creative!

In case you missed it last month:

21 days of lockdown, 21 days of techniques is still available for a free download:

Techniques to create beautiful applique, borders for your blocks or quilts and various patchwork techniques are all available with a short video instruction for each technique included

I know many quilters are knitters too!

This knitted Afghan Sampler Series is a Block of the Month KAL. Each month learn a new technique to grow your skill and expertise, at the same time knitting up a cozy and interesting blanket. Each month you receive 2 to 3 patterns with video instructions, each pattern a little more challenging to practice the technique of that month. The yarn used is not specified, only the weight of the yarn.

So go ahead and use yarn from your stash to knit up the blocks each month.

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