Madness prevails

I cannot believe how much has happened since my Harley ride – feels as if that was in another time… Clearly madness prevails.

  • Firstly my youngest son came home from England for a week. In that week was his graduation (I am a very proud mom – he excelled!) and 2000km later he sadly flew the nest again.
  • Secondly I took on custom quilting our guild charity quilt (250cm square!) which we have entered into the National Quilt Festival
This quilt is to be raffled at R10 a ticket with the final draw at the end of the Garden Show in September. If you’d like a ticket or more then please reply to this mail.
  • I also have my own quilt to be entered – which is not yet finished and the deadline is looming fast!!!
  • I will be teaching at the Festival – you may view my classes here: . Next month I shall post some photos of samples for the classes.
  • A knitted BOM is also one of my commitments, the deadline for the designing, writing of the pattern and knitting this month’s block is NOW!
  • I need my head read as I have recently taken on a rather LARGE project, more of which you shall hear about in due course.
  • This is the penultimate set of instructions for the circle challenge – though I can promise you it is not the end of challenges I shall set. Setting challenges is one of my most favourite tasks!

Circle #9: Melon 9-patch

Instructions to make this block:


Circle #10: Whirling dervish

Instructions to make this block:

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