I am thrilled to see how many people are eager for this next set of circles! I must apologize for being late with this post – many things seem to conspire against the best laid plans. Particularly Eskom’s current load shedding programme. Some days we have 8 hours off in 24! Time to go off grid me thinks.

Anyway  – let’s discuss something which is positive, uplifting and creative: the next set of circles!

Circle #5

A circle within a square, within a circle, within a square….. as many time as you like, depending on how much you want to fiddle, and the size you’re making your blocks and circles.

You may even turn a square on point if you so wish.

The challenge here would be to inset each circle! (Am I crazy? Maybe)


Circle #6

Double pinwheel


This challenge is to make sure all of your points are perfect – both in the centre and on outside edge of circle!!!


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