Begin again – a new year, a new quilt, a new challenge

It’s 2019 and The First Month of a new year is almost done! Are we hamsters on a treadmill? A scary thought. 

So while we are racing the year away I have come up with a new challenge! As many of you know, this is one of my most favourite tasks as the Chairlady of Midlands Quilters Guild.

I find piecing curves difficult, so…. what better way to share the challenge for both me and you,  than to make circles!

The challenge for 2019 is:  Circles, Circles and more Circles.


  1. The size of the quilt and blocks you make is your choice.
  2. There will be 2 blocks given each month, January to June = 12 blocks. Each month the pattern within the circle will become more complicated (insert evil laugh here).
  3. In July and August it will all be joined together and quilted.
  4. A recommendation is for the blocks to be 12” x 12”, with sashing and borders the quilt will be 64” x 78”/165cm x 198cm. The size of circles within the blocks may also be your choice.
  5. I have used a 10” circle. Some of the circles will require a pattern which I shall draw up. This will be for a 10″ circle.

The choice of technique to attach the circles to the background is  yours:

They can be:

  • Pieced
  • Appliqued – needle-turn by hand or by machine
  • Appliqued using applique paper (this is the simplest)

Having said that though, for this to be somewhat more of a challenge I would recommend piecing inset circles.

Therefore, without more ado, here are this month’s circles

January circles:

  1. The first block is a simple circle.

You may use a single piece of fabric or make it more interesting with stripes/scraps/etc.


  1. The second block is a 4-patch within the circle. This can be 4 pieces of fabric or each patch may be made more interesting. The 4-patch may then be set square or on point.

If you would like to do a little extra/don’t like the big plain block/love applique or embellishments…. then do that little extra with the first block:

Applique design: “Applique in Reverse” by Teri Henderson Tope




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