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Why, you may ask, am I taking on a new project when I have SO MANY unfinished ones? A good question. Although I am always needing new samples for classes that I’ll be teaching; as well as challenges I have issued and/or accepted. But as I also sleep, drink, eat, think quilting constantly, a new idea for a project is never far from my mind.

So besides the 3 road trips planned for next year with class samples to be made, festival coming up and a quilt or more asking to be entered, our guild challenge which is due for January (almost finished I must say!), a friend offered to make me a tool roll.

Now I don’t do things simply! I have to complicate my life. I decided to quilt the roll using leather. I’ve never quilted on leather before. What fun it was, but a good lesson in remembering the basics. I thought I was so clever and knew so well how to do it. I broke and bent needles, snapped and shredded thread, my tension was out, and generally I was most frustrated.

Leather tool roll
Then! I remembered what I tell everyone I teach about needles! If the thread snaps or breaks, if your needle breaks, if the tension does not come right then CHANGE YOUR NEEDLE TO MATCH THE TASK, it is the easiest and cheapest thing to do!
What a difference it made once I did that. (I used a Leather needle 18/110.)
Bob of Superior Threads has a great video on needles
A YouTube video worth looking at regarding needles and thread
P.S. I’ll post a photo of the finished tool roll once it’s done!

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