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Well, Clementina, we are almost there!

Can you believe we’ve had the shortest day and longest night already?  The year and the seasons are turning, and so too are we reaching the end of the Mystery Quilt. Image result for art nouveau wisteria

I thought that it would be a good idea, in our final stages of the Mystery Quilt-as-you-go, to give a recap of all we have done so far.

The pieces:

1:  4 x 8″x 8″ applique blocks – these are your corner stones

2: 1 x 4″x 24″ applique block

3: 1 x 16″x 4″ friendship braid

4: 2 x 12″x 12″ foundation piecing

5: 4 x 4″x 40″ strip/string piecing forming part of your borders

6: 4 x 4″x 40″ checkerboard – the second part of your borders

7: 2 x 8″x 8″ half square triangles

8: 1 x 8″x 8″ card trick

9: 1 x 4″x 12″ flying geese

10: 2 x 8″x 8″ kaleidoscope

11: 2 x 8″x 8″ cathedral window/crazy patch

12: 1 x 12″x 12″ (or 4 x 6″x 6″) drunkards path

13: 4 x 8″x 8″ Y-seams. (Nothing to do with underpants Clemintine! Contain yourself!). The Instructions and patterns for this are  below.

14: 1 x 16″x16″ to be announced……..……

15: Quilt-as-you-go final assembly and completion. To be handed in by Monday 3 September!

Keep in mind that the above measurements are all given with seam allowance included. Remember this is only a guide, if you have more or less blocks, or different size blocks so your quilt doesn’t “fit”, do  not worry, do some “tweaking”  by adding extra blocks 😉 and continue on your way to the end!

Block #13:

Method: Mastering Y-seams

No required: 4

Design size: 7 1/2″ x 7 1/2″

Final dimensions including seam allowances: 8″ x 8″

Patterns: (when printing these out please make sure you print to actual size and then check that the outer dimension is 8″ x 8″)

8-pointed star

Attic windows

Spiders web


There are many more available on google!

Use the pattern given;  as the dimensions given in this video will give you a bigger block!

So, it’s time to be catching up if you are behind. There is only one more block to go and then the final completing of your quilt.

Remember the deadline is 3 September 2018, in time for the Pietermaritzburg Garden Show or earlier if you will not be coming to help set up!

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