The mystery continues……….

A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world.   Leo Buscaglia


The mystery continues….

Hopefully by now, you’ve all completed your applique blocks and are ready for the next set of instructions.

This month’s technique is foundation piecing, which is one of the of the many types of piecing*. According to Wikipedia, this technique may have been used as long ago as the 15th Century for a cushion known as the “Impruneta cushion”.

Although the finished product looks complex, it’s almost a “paint by number” method which can be used with great effect.

* For interest’s sake, others are: English paper piecing – a hand piecing technique, strip piecing or string piecing (at least two of these we’ll also be doing – be patient Clementine!)


  1. Third block:

Number Required: 1

Design:  #3

Method:  This is a “Friendship braid” using strip piecing or foundation piecing, you can decide the method you would prefer to use. Below is a link to a free Craftsy class showing a friendship braid using strip piecing.

Design Size: 15.5” x 3.5” (this is without seam allowance)

Final Dimensions: 16” x 4” (this includes the seam allowance)

Finishing:  Sandwich and quilt to the edge of the block

I’m not going to specify the pattern as its pretty simple, though you may also decide the width of the strips that make up the braid. As always, the colour scheme is your own.

Instructions for the strip piecing technique may be found here:


  1. Fourth block:

Number Required: 2

Design:  #4

Method: Foundation piecing

Design Size: 11.5” x 11.5” (this is without seam allowance)

Final Dimensions: 12” x 12” (this includes the seam allowance)

Finishing:  Sandwich and quilt to the edge of the square


  1. Fifth block:

Number Required: 4

Design:  #5

Method: Strip or string piecing

Design Size: 3.5” x 39.5” (this is without seam allowance)

Final Dimensions: 4” x 40” (this includes the seam allowance)

Finishing:  DO NOT quilt the 5th block strips (sorry for shouting, but this will avoid heartache later).

The instructions will be given next month for completing and quilting them. These form part of the border.

Until the next time…..


Video Tutorial Links:

Foundation piecing to make a string quilt:

Scrappy string piecing:

Foundation piecing/paper piecing:



Strip piecing:


Pattern links:

Foundation piecing patterns:

and of course:

As always, there are many more so feel free to google to your hearts’  content. Don’t do what I do and get so caught up in finding ideas that I accomplish nothing!!!

If you are stuck, needing more info, wanting advice or simply uncertain of any of the instructions, please  contact me.

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