Mystery Sampler Quilt

Life’s little mysteries….

Daily life is constantly full of mysteries, such as where you left your car keys, or why the fridge is empty when you did shopping yesterday or how to dispose of all those fabric scraps in the spare room that are threatening to gain a life of their own and take over the house.

So I propose “A Mystery Sampler Quilt-As-You-Go” project. You supply the scraps, the colour scheme and theme and I will provide dimensions and technique for each block.

Each month I will post instructions giving the sizes of the blocks with specific techniques to be used. You then make them up, sandwich and quilt. The blocks are small and can easily be done on a domestic machine*. The quilt does not require advanced quilting skills, but if you are a novice (or even a seasoned) quilter I have provided Internet links at the end of this post that you may find helpful.

Finally, when all is said and done we will put it together and the “Mystery  Quilt” will be revealed in September 2018. The size of the finished quilt will be56″ x 56″/ 142cm x 142cm

*I strongly recommend that you have a walking foot for your machine as this is invaluable for quilting and making binding. (Suggest to your family that it would make an ideal birthday gift.)


  1. First blocks: Corners

Number Required: 4

Design:  #1

Method: Applique

Design Size: 7.5 X 7.5”

Final Dimensions: 8 X8”

  1. Second block:

Number Required: 1

Design:  #2

Method: Applique

Design Size: 23.5 X3 .5 “

Final Dimensions: 24” x 4″

Finishing:  All blocks to be sandwiched and quilted to the edge of the piece

Personal Note:

I like to work with my block slightly bigger than the final size but with my appliqué fitted into the correct design dimension. I sandwich and quilt and then trim the excess off. So, for the 8X8” block I will start with a 9” square and then trim the excess off. I have found that the quilting process distorts the fabric, and the extra margin means that your block can be trimmed into a nice even shape.

I trust this will be a great learning experience to polish and expand your skills.

Make it as easy or as complicated as you wish, and I hope you enjoy making it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Video Tutorial Links:

The quilt-as-you-go method:

Fusible web raw-edge applique

Apliquick method of applique:

Applique using freezer paper: (In this video the stitching is done by hand though you may choose to stitch by machine instead.)

Invisible machine stitching

Hand needle turn applique

Hand reverse applique:

Obviously there are a multitude of videos on each of these topics, so if what I have posted here is confusing please go ahead and find others on google

Designs for Appliqué:


These are only a few examples, please google for more!

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