A New Year!

Wishing you a wonderful, blessed 2017.

Today is Day 3 of any New Year Resolution you made. Attached is a short, very cute video clip of a little girl talking about resolutions – I hope you like it!

My New Year’s resolution is to finish a project before I start a new one. I have so many UFO’s it’s embarrassing.
The Value of Fabric:

The workshop is broken up into 4 full day classes learning and playing with colour, value , saturation, texture, amongst others. You will create a workbook for yourself that will be a reference guide when making fabric choices for a quilt. The first class is on Wednesday 11 January.

Learn this in conjunction with making a quilt, choosing a palette from your stash. The quilt I have chosen to use for this is a quilt made by Kathryn Kerr from Australia. It is called 365 challenge and is available using this link: http://www.365challenge.com.au/.

However, it is not a prerequisite for doing the workshop, though if you would like to practice what you learn this quilt is a wonderful way to do so. Sign up with Kathryn and you’ll receive the daily email for the day’s block. Not only will it be a great exercise in determining fabric values but also in precision cutting and piecing. The finished size is 90″ square if you choose to do the complete quilt.


For more details please contact me or look at www.iamaquilter.co.za
Paper Pieced New York Beauty:

Details will be posted shortly – I am FINISHING the quilt before taking a photograph and giving out details. But I will say it is not as difficult as it looks, and there is no paper to remove afterwards either!

In the meantime – Happy stitching


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