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Climate change and quilting

How often do we hear about climate change? I live on a farm near Giant’s Castle, KwaZulu Natal, theoretically a wet part of the country. I say theoretically, as we have not been WET for nearly a decade! We’ve had

It ain’t over till the Fat Lady sings…

How often do we finish stitch the last block of a quilt and decide we’re done? All that’s left is to add some borders, then it’s ready to sandwich, quilt and bind. Nearly done! WRONG! Of a quilt top the


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” Attributed to Albert Einstein, but actually Rita Mae Brown, novelist And boy, do I know this…….. As much fun as this whole “Circles Challenge” quilt project has

Madness prevails

I cannot believe how much has happened since my Harley ride – feels as if that was in another time… Clearly madness prevails. Firstly my youngest son came home from England for a week. In that week was his graduation


I am thrilled to see how many people are eager for this next set of circles! I must apologize for being late with this post – many things seem to conspire against the best laid plans. Particularly Eskom’s current load

A challenge within a challenge!

Or have I lost the plot!!!!!!!!!! The next 2 circles for the Challenge quilt are: #3: Bull’s eye A circle within a circle within a circle…… As many circles as you can or want to, fit.        

Begin again – a new year, a new quilt, a new challenge

It’s 2019 and The First Month of a new year is almost done! Are we hamsters on a treadmill? A scary thought.  So while we are racing the year away I have come up with a new challenge! As many

New Projects

Why, you may ask, am I taking on a new project when I have SO MANY unfinished ones? A good question. Although I am always needing new samples for classes that I’ll be teaching; as well as challenges I have

There and back again! (with apologies to Bilbo Baggins)

Roads go ever on Under clouds and under star, Yet feet that wandering have gone Turn at last to home afar.  (The Hobbit, JRR Tolkein)   We have just returned home from a most wonderful road trip! 17 days, 10

Road trip – 27th September to 14 October

Road trip to Cape Town and back! Hanlie Burger from Amafu, and myself will be on the road on Thursday 27th September for 17 days! We will be setting up pop-up shops and teaching in Bloemfontein, Kimberley, Beaufort West, Stellenbosch,